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Friday, June 02, 2006

Where O' where have my Whalers gone

The Carolina Hurricanes going to the Stanley Cup Finals makes your Uncle Buck sick, and if it wasn't the 2nd time they are going in the last 4 years it would make him even sicker.

It is disgusting to think that the Whalers, who were originally the New England Whalers in the AHL, playing out of the Boston Garden (winning the AHL championship for the 1972-73 season), before moving to Hartford (where they sucked from 1979-1997), could be the best team in hockey. The Whalers used to play in the Hartford Civic Center (now home to the Hartford Wolfpack minor league hockey) but moved, after a bitter fight with the state, to North Carolina. No matter how crowded the games may get now, it can't compare to the days of Brass Bonanza during the few playoff appearances that the Whalers had...

Now UB grew up a Bruins fan and loved beating on the Whalers, but UB loved to see the passion and hatred that the Whalers fans has when the Bruins and New York Rangers came to town. UB has to think with the current state of the Bruins (above) that perhaps Boston fans would have been better served if the Whalers stayed in Boston and joined the NHL and the Bruins got the boot...

What could have been...


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