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Monday, June 05, 2006

Tiger tales

So the Red Sox visited Mo-Town over the weekend and took 2 of three from the Detroit Tigers. This is not normally news to even waste a post on, but by some miracle the Tiggers are in 1st place, not just in the normally pathetic Central Division, but all of baseball. On top of that UB got a chance to watch meaningful Sox-Tigers games with Tigers diehard fan LT for the 1st time since 1993 (the last time Detroit had a winning record.)



Your Uncle Buck and LT decide to watch the game at the Corrib Pub, which is just as well since LT locked his keys in his office and was forced to climb thru the window of his 1st floor apartment to get into the building all weekend. While there UB dined on a fantastic fried chicken sandwich with cheese, BLT and mayo...It was the highlight of the night (along with several Miller Genuine Drafts) until Kevin Youkilis won the game in the top of the 9th with a 2 out 2 run home run. Luckily LT was more than half in the bag and didn't feel it, nor did he feel a thing climbing into the apartment window in the rain moments later...

Red Sox/UB 1, Tigers/LT 0


LT was a suspicious no-show for Saturday night's game, apparently to much to drink the night before or maybe it was the chili burger and chili fries he had for dinner...In any event he missed the only game worth watching if you're a Tigers fan, as they defeated the Sox 6-2.

Red Sox/UB 1, Tigers/LT 1


LT comes out of hiding, but only to see Youk and Big Papi David Ortiz go back to back in the 8-3 win. LT was forced to consume Budweiser after Budweiser to mask the pain of another Tiger loss. The cats went 2-5 in the seven games against the visiting Sox and Yankoffs...

At least LT got to see Tigers manager Jim Leyland make a fool of himself:

Red Sox/UB 2, Tigers/LT 1

Weekend winner Red Sox and Uncle Buck

After talking all that smack about Detroit, loosing 5 of the last 7 to the best teams in the AL East must make LT feel about this big...


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