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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Batman is Superman: Ortiz does it again

Big Papi David Ortiz should just sign autographs to little kids with a big "S" since he is clearly Superman playing in a Red Sox uniform. Your Uncle Buck will spare you the details of what was a competely bizarre 12 inning, 8-7 game between the Sox and Philadelphia Phillies yesterday but will tell you that Tuesday callers to WEEI were debating who is the greatest clutch player in the history of Boston sports: Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Adam Vinatieri or David Ortiz.

For anyone who hasn't seen Big Papi David Ortiz's reign of terror on late inning pitchers the last 2-3 weeks...

Yesterday against the Phillies:

Saturday vs. the Phillies:

Sunday June 11 vs. the Texas Rangers:

Papi's heroics bailed out Terry Francoma's managerial blunders, that included leaving Tim Wakefield in to load the bases after sitting out for over 30 minutes and the great move of bringing in Rudy Seanez to blow the lead...

And of course the day after Curt Schilling compares Jonathan Papelbon to Mariano Rivera and Paps blows the save and gives up his 1st home run and only his 2nd earned run of the year...Thank goodness for Big Papi:


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