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Thursday, April 13, 2006


- The Yankoffs are gay, maybe Double-Play Rod and Jerkoff Jeter will represent the US Baseball team in the "Gay Games"

- Shazam! Movie on the way

- Taxes are due on Monday the 17th because the 15th is a Saturday (actually MA residents have til the 18th since Monday is Patriots Day)

- Another hot teacher sleeps with student, but this one makes webpage about it

- Chris Farley says Don't do drugs

- Sexy Celebrity Chefs

- Juggling Joggers enter Boston Marathon

- Family Guy creator has new live action show in the works

- You can now watch TiVo on your phone

- Hulk Hogan Arby's commercial

- Pac-Man

- Paris Hilton walking thru puke

- Gatorade looks like a penis?

- 2nd person dies after riding Disney World's Mission Space

- Still one of the funniest videos UB has ever seen, but now there is a he's a double dumbass

- If you don't have it on DVD, like UB, watch it Saturday night on ABC

- Is this worth sat radio and $10 a month? Maybe

- The return of Maverick. The big question is did he buzz the tower?

- Looks like UB has a new ride (Thighs)

- Vendor: Hot dog, hot dog, get your hot dog. UB: How much? Vendor: That'll be 270 chief. UB: Ok, here's a five. Vendor: Yeah right, $270.00 dumbass. You want a Coke with that?

- When will she be back on 24?

- Pacers eliminate Celtics

- Dude, grab me an Advil, will ya? (for WWE)

- UB thought it was funny when we called the pizza guy and had Schunder run around back and steal all the other pizzas from the guy's car, but this is better


At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i see a guy on a roof and i immediately closed the window. can only imagine the results


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