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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Uncle Buck's World

Many of your Uncle Buck's readers have asked "UB where do you get all this crap?" Well UB has decided to show you. Here is a Thursday edition of some of the crap UB sifts thru every morning...Who knows maybe it will be come a daily thing:

- Napoleon Dynamite Special Edition on May 16

- Win every Planet of the Apes DVD

- Celtics blow out Knicks

- NFL: No Fun League

- MLB: AL Rules, NL Sucks

- Duke Lax probe

- ESPN Classic's All time greatest Basketball tournament

- SI 2006 Baseball predictions

- Sopranos ratings way down

- History a hit on HBO?

- The shark is still working

- Unlikely basketball shots (UB thought these were amazing, until the second half when they started to look really fake)

- Basic Instinct 2 is a comedy

- Rocky VI predictions (Reporter: Do you have a prediction? Clubber Lang: Prediction? Reporter: Yes prediction. Clubber Lang: Pain.)

- Leperachan-a-palooza continues (Part 1)

- Winner and new champion: the Ref? (How this hasn't been a wrestling angle yet, UB doesn't know)

- Prime Minister of Italy is at it again (Part 1)

- Simpsons songs

- Who wants to be a Superhero?

"You boys and girls keep your hands inside at all times, we don't want to have any accidents..."


At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thse baskteball shots are ridiculous. more posts like this!


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