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Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanks-taking: Red Sox get Mota they bargained for

The Thanksgiving leftovers tasted a little better Friday when UB learned that the Red Sox completed the trade with Florida to get pitcher Josh Beckett, 3rd baseman Mike Lowell AND hard-throwing reliever Guillermo Mota for shortstop prospect Hanley Ramirez, and pitchers Anibal Sanchez, Jesus Delgado and Harvey Garcia.

Now Mota was a premiere set up man in 2003 and 2004 before struggling in 2005, but when UB thinks of Guillermo the first thing that pops into mind was the 2003 pre-season "fight" with Mets catcher Mike Pizzizazia where Mota threw his glove at Piazza and then exhibited one of the most amazing displays of backpedalling ever. He literally ran around the entire field backwards as he was chased by Piazza, before Piazza was finally restrained by various people. Then a couple other Mets went after Mota and he continued his amazing display of backpedalling, eventually fleeing into the Dodgers dugout and then all the way into the clubhouse. Mota didn't stop there. He quickly got changed into his street clothes, jumped in a car and got the hell out of there. So lets just hope we don't get in any fights next season...

Ok so Mota was a nice addition and Lowell told the Boston Globe he's gonna turn it around next season, but we all know that Beckett was the prize of this deal...will he be the new king of the pitching staff?


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