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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Help Uncle Buck pick a Halloween costume

Your Uncle Buck is getting all geared up for Halloween, but he needs your help in picking a costume. Thanks to the good people at Retro Crush UB has a lot to choose from:

Alf: Smock says "Trick or Treat, No Problem!"

Boo Berry Cereal: Since UB can never find it in the supermarket...

Luke Duke from the Dukes of Hazard: politicians in Georgia have been fighting for years to get the Rebel flag off the Dukes of Hazard costume...

Fat Albert: the smock says "Hey, Hey, Hey"

Fred Flintstone: UB got all his masks and smocks mixed up, luckily there is another picture of Fred on his tie...


The Hulkster, Hulk Hogan

Jaws, the shark: "Young man is that a naked woman on your costume?"

JFK, or the ghost of JFK, UB's not really sure...

Michael from Knight Rider: "Can UB get a Kit Kat for Kit? mmm, mmm? (Is the smock really going 75 mph?)

First Blood's John Rambo

Rubik's Cube: Why the "hey baby" eyebrows and tongue sticking out?

Spider-Man: UB actually had this one as a kid...

Tattoo from Fantasy Island: Da Candy, Da Candy

Tonto: UB may want to avoid any Native American homes...

or Voltron

Check out the rest at


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