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Friday, August 12, 2005

What about Brett Fav...ruh?

Someone needs to set the record strait on ''The Riverboat Gambler'' Brett Favre. While watching the ESPN broadcast of the Packers vs the Chargers last night, I wanted to throw up at all the brown nosing of Favre by Chris Berman and the broadcasters. They were ignoring his poor play the last several years and completely dismissed recent comments where he said that no where in his contract does it say he has to be a coach to his new backup and future replacement Aaron Rodgers (some team guy!). Yes Brett is a multiple time MVP. Yes he has a Super Bowl ring. Yes he has a consecutive games played streak (which is arguably more impressive than the Ripkin streak). All these facts indicate he is a first ballot hall of famer, but over the last several years his wild throws have resulted in more costly interceptions than dramatic touchdowns and he is hurting the Packers.

Sports Illustrated's Dr. Z gave a good rundown of the deterioration of Favre in his July 1st article for, ''he just throws too many bad passes in crucial situations.'' Dr. Z points to trends by Favre during his career vs. those of Dan Marino and John Elway, but what really sticks out is the carelessness in big games. ''Remember that weird toss that everyone loved, when Favre was way across the line and heading for the Vikings' end zone last year? He laughed about it, the announcers laughed about it. All it did was keep the Pack off the scoreboard.'' If he had dove ahead he would have had a 1st down easy, instead he opted for the cute toss play.

Since winning the NFC title game and appearing in Super Bowl XXXII, Favre and the Packers are 2-6 in the playoffs and they now have 2 home losses after going undefeated at home in the post season from 1961-2003. In 2001, at St. Louis, Favre threw 6 interceptions against the Rams in the playoffs in route to a 45-17 loss. In a 2003 playoff game, at home, Favre had two picks and a fumble in a loss to the Falcons. In a 2004 playoff game, at Philadelphia, Favre quit on a play and ran for a 1st down in the 4th that came up short resulting in a costly punt. Then in overtime he basically chucked the ball up for grabs, which resulted in an INT and a Eagles winning field goal. And last year he threw four picks and had a fumble in a home playoff loss to the Vikings.

Give it up Brett, the ride's over...

Chowaheads factoid: Drew Bledsoe was offered the role of Mary's old boyfriend in There's Something About Mary but turned it down...


At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice try, but BF still is our man for the Packers, is helping Rodgers when asked (daily), appropriately leaving the coaching to the coaches. He has been chased all over by pass rushers, has a fumbling running back, and still wins more games than almost any QB. If you were as good a sports reporter as BF is as a QB, you would find some other way to get noticed than being a sports critic (heckler).You are probably a Bear or Viking fan anyway. Get a job.

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Uncle Buck said...

Typical Farve butt buddy, blinded by media hype and afraid to look at the facts. Brett has been great in the past but anyone who thinks he can lead the Packers to a title is ignoring the obvious.


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