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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

$100-Million per ride huh, I guess I'll only go twice...

NEW YORK (AP) Space Adventures, the company that has sent ``space tourists'' up to the International Space Station, is planning a new mission: rocketing rich people around the dark side of the moon.
The first mission, dubbed DSE-Alpha (for Deep Sea Explorations), could happen as early as 2008, company CEO Eric Anderson said at a Manhattan news conference.
The first traveler would be only the 28th person in history to orbit the moon not counting the cosmonaut of the Russian spacecraft that will make the flight and the first person to orbit the moon in more than 33 years, according to the Arlington, Va., company. The trip will offer the chance to see the Earth rise from lunar orbit and a view of the far side of the moon, never seen from Earth, from an altitude of 62 miles.
The price tag is every bit as steep: $100 million for each of the two planned passengers, which includes costs such as planning the mission, modifying a modern Soyuz TMA spacecraft for the trip and completing manned and unmanned test flights before the space tourists make their trip.

''Did you hear something...I could have sworn I heard something...''


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